The Types of Negativity within us

Recently I went through a rough patch of life.  Difference of opinions and ego clashed caused a small misunderstanding to become huge.  
As I was recovering from it, I found that it was very difficult to get out of it and I didn't know why or how.  I kept feeling the ego but at the same time deny having ego and refused to clear it and feels it is someone else's ego.  I kept getting the message that it is my own ego causing havoc.  But at the same time, felt so wronged and misunderstood and felt that although it is partly my fault, but the other person also has their faults and was not told of it.  I was very frustrated.  I wanted to tell the whole world about the situation I was in.  Trying to get someone to sympathies with me yet when someone actually does, I felt so guilty.  
Past few days was the hardest.  From feeling being victimized, it went to being in denial, anger, guilty and it kept on repeating.  From tears of sadness to tears of anger to tears of frustration, I fe…

Messages for today

Grit - The power of perseverance and passion
"Among animals, this activity is very limited. I don’t think they believe in revenge, except for a few animals. They say that, if you hurt a snake, it will take its respite. It will come back on you. That’s what is said. And this one is one quality of the snake. But as we have passed through all these different categories, we might be having some of the qualities of some of these animals within us. We may be even snake animals. If the snake is within us, then anybody who hurts you, you will remember it all your life, “He hurt me, so I’ll put him right one day. I’ll take a revenge!”  – if there’s a snake within us. But now, if there’s a tiger within you: so you will become very ferocious. At the smallest thing, you will get angry, lose temper. Now, this is not a very good situation: that we are still at the level of animals and our inheritance is still working in us. So we have to keep a watch, we have to be good gurus. And fo…

Sahaj Busy Book

I got this idea from the Montessori moms.  Some of these books are Christian based.  So I thought why not make a Sahaj based busy book instead.  
After lots of planning and thinking, finally came up with a busy book that incorporates both learning and Sahaj knowledge.  
The whole book is made of felt material, which is easily obtainable from Daiso and Popular.  I find Popular's price is better and with member discount is much more advantageous.  I used glue gun rather than sew as I want to make something fast.

The first 2 pages are the counting and number pages.  This is pretty easy to make.  The numbers are from Miss A's sticker book which is reusable sticker, hence they are not so sticky and kept coming out.  I stuck it onto circle shaped mounting board measured to about 50 cent coin size.  The numbers are stuck on velcro and can be taken out to match the number of beads.

I love this page the most simply because it is most colourful.  This page is about colours of the rainb…


"If there is one child, it can entertain at least hundred people. What is so sweet about the child? Is the innocence: the way he speaks, the way he talks, the way he behaves, the way he expresses his love. It’s so simple but it has something in the essence, this innocence of Shri Ganesha." - Excerpt from Shri Ganesha Puja, Cabella, 10 Sep 1995
Yesterday was a very hot day.  After helping out at the new seekers class, I was feeling very tired and lethargic.  Came home and did a nice, long footsoak and decided to give myself a nice head rub with lots of coconut oil.  It's one of those rare occasions when I get such a nice "Me" time and took the chance while Miss A was still napping.  Body cooled down so much and was feeling much better.
When Miss A woke up, I decided that she needs a nice oil bath and head rub too since she was feeling hot and bothered.  We usually take turns to massage her before bed, but lately we haven't got much time to do it.  After dinner…

Pure Desire

"Now, supposing – you want to go to the garden, supposing. Just you want to go to the garden and suddenly you’ll find in the garden. Then you will know that your desire is pure. That’s why it has worked out. “How am I in the garden? Has garden walked to me or I have walked into the garden?” All such things go on happening within you. These are miracles, as they call it, miracles of Sahaja Yoga. It’s not that. It’s the pure desire works it because it is powerful. It just works it. And when it works the whole thing out, you develop that faith within yourself. So that faith, if it is within you, nobody can challenge that faith, which is not a blind faith but an open-eyes, experienced faith which is established within you – cannot be challenged. If you have the faith, it will be done. That’s why I always say don’t say even off-hand things because you’re Sahaja yogis, you are connected. If you say, “Let that plane be late”, it will be. There is no need to say such things. We have had s…

First post in 2018

I better post this before January is over.  Jai Shri Mataji!  This is the first post in 2018.  I have been rather busy ever since I have started ketogenic diet.  Been spending more time in the office during the weekdays, researching what kind of food to make and busy cooking up a storm in the kitchen during the weekends.

And I try not to post here when my liver is hot.  Well, I tend to write in an aggressive non-Sahaj kinda way, so better to keep my liver cool, vibrations up before I write anything meant for the public.

For the first month of January 2018, there was a big storm in the Sahaj world.  There was a lot of controversial as in who is right and who is not, who is judgmental and who is not, lots of discussions among yogis, some using Shri Mataji's excerpts, some remembered something Shri Mataji said in the past.  Whatever it is, and I do not want to add more fuel to the fire, I feel, all of us, whether old-timers or not, whether got asked to leave or not, whether can feel…

Last working day of 2017

How has 2017 treated me?  Was it good or was it not?
Honestly, 2017 was not a good year for me.  I didn't meditate properly, didn't clear myself properly and as a result, I could feel the effects from that and it's not good.
In 2017, luck was not really on my side.  I fell, I had a minor car accident, I had some altercations with my boss and family members on separate occasions, my girl was hospitalised and I spent my birthday in the hospital.
But despite all these negative happenings, there were also some good things that happened but they were very tiny.  Still I felt the love and attention of the Divine who looked after me very much.
Little miracles did happened, whether you want to call it as coincidence or not, it's up to you.  Like that day, we went to the market.  While walking back to the car, I saw my car was completely blocked.  Someone has parked so 'smartly' that there was no way I was able to reverse my car out.  At the same time, my husband notic…