Just a quick update

OMG!  I haven't updated at all in 2017.  And this is going to be the first post and it's already May!!!
I am still around although this blog is not active.  But some posts are still very actively read by many readers especially those relating to the Marriage Registration and Long Term Social Visit Pass.  Thank you for reading and I am happy that these posts had helped you.
I have been crazy busy.   At work, at home, OMG!  I don't have time to do anything at all.  I wanted to make a busy book for my girl and post it, but still initial stages.  I wanted to colour some deities and put it in a file for her, but only did few pages.  
I hardly have any time to breath, let alone to update this blog.  I wanted to do so much, to write, to do some handcrafts but there's just so much time in a day.  
I am sleep deprived, still trying to get my girl to sleep earlier (she is following my time, which is not good at all), trying to teach her so many things, Sahaj wise, motor skills,…

Updated: Long Term Social Visit Pass 2017/2018

Hello readers!  It's the time of the year again to update how the process went.  This year, I must truly compliment the Imigresen officers.  They were super efficient although arrogance is still there (I guess it's the culture in all Government Department offices).  But if you don't want to fight with them, but just accept and said yes yes, ok ok, then it's not that bad.
If you missed my last year's application, click here.  
Compared to my experience last year, it was a breeze this year.  I am not sure if they improved because I wrote about it (hehe, being very perasan here) or someone complained or something else.
Anyway, I can see there is vast improvement compared to last year although they should still learn how to communicate.  Smile is there, but really need to talk nicely.
Because of our last year's horror, we decided that this year we won't go so early.  Because I reckon we still be spending the whole day there anyway, so might as well leave later…

Love is the only answer

I have not written for a long time and as I was lying down on my bed, nursing my little one,  I was browsing through Facebook. It's hard to go through the news feed without news of animals abuse,  child abuse,  no human rights, racialism,  war,  corruption,  suicides,  accidents, rapes, and so on and so forth. As I caressed my little one's forehead and feel cool breeze emiting through her Sahasrara,  I feel worried for her. Since becoming a mother,  stories about children getting hurt really disturbed me.   And it's so scary that it is happening so much more frequent.   Maybe because of social media,  we get the news instantly compared to the times before Facebook was born.  So we get to hear news of parent left baby in car and suffocated and died, or the parent who accidentally sat on the toddler and killed him instantly or fell off from high place, or legs got stuck in elevator and so on. We used to only see this kind of things in horror movies.   But now we hear so many…

Benefit for Selangor citizens

I am sure you have read about the benefits for citizens of Selangor.  Here you go again.

Recently, I did No.1 for baby.  It's so easy to do now.  Here's how to do it:
Step 1 - Go to TAWAS website.   The website is not that user friendly though.
Step 2 - Click Pendaftaran Baru.  You will be directed to a new page.  Click on Pendaftaran Baru again.  Then click Setuju.
Step 3-  Fill in your baby's MyKid and parents MyKad.  And fill up all the details as requested.
Step 4 - Click submit.
Step 5 - Email to the soft copy of the MyKid, birth certificate and parent's MyKad.
And you are done!  It's so simple.  The approval is also very fast.  If you want to know whether it's approved or not, go to the TAWAS website and click on Semakan Permohonan.
Once it is approved, go to Yayasan Warisan Anak Selangor (YAWAS) at Aras 5, Kompleks Belia Dan Kebudayaan Negeri Selangor, Lot 4, Jalan Platinum 7/52, Seksyen 7, Persiaran Kayangan, 40000 Shah Alam,…

Raksha Bandhan - Making rakhis

I have always looked forward to Raksha Bandhan, every single year.  Maybe because the gifts are attractive.
Every year, we have been making simple rakhis, in huge amount, to be distributed out to the collective.  This year, I learned to make rakhi the Indian way.  It's really simple to do but takes more time than the simple string that we have been making year after year.

I used DMC embroidery threads that is from my abandoned cross stitch project.  Sorry, but I don't have the step-by-step method in pictures.
Materials: Embroidery thread - normal colour Embroidery thread - silver or gold Fork Glue gun Beads / little flowers for decoration A partner to help you (optional but better)
Method: 1. To make the centerpiece, first, take out 1 gold or silver embroidery thread and separate it from the main bundle.  The whole bundle consist of 6 threads.  Just take 1 out or the 6.
2. Take a fork and wrap the coloured embroidery thread (the full bundle with 6 threads) and 1 gold or silver …

Hungry Ghost Festival

Every year, the Chinese would celebrate the Hungry Ghost Festival, which falls on the 14th day of the 7th month of the lunar calendar.  What they do is offer food and do some prayers to appease the ghosts in the hope that these negativities doesn't disturb the living.  
According to the Chinese beliefs, the Hell gates open on the 1st day of the 7th lunar month.  For the whole of the 7th lunar month, prayers and food and nowadays performances would be offered to appease them.
Nowadays, the organisers would set up a huge tent, a performing stage, tables and chairs and a huge, gigantic altar and organise some dinner or sorts in several housing estates to do this prayer.  On the 1st day of the 7th lunar month, the performers would start performing but to an empty audience.  The living would keep away because that day is set for the ghosts to watch.  Sounds eery, no?
What I cannot comprehend is the way the performers are dressed and the music when they performed.  It's way too sex…

The Birthday Month - Birthday Treats

I love July.  Especially 28th July.  Because that's my birthday!!!
Every year, I will be looking out for treats and rewards given out by restaurants or any other enterprises to see what I get.  So far, 2 enterprises have emailed me.
1. Golden Screen Cinema (GSC) Get 2 FREE movie tickets only from 1st July to 31st July.  Selected movies only and marked with * in the website.  
Previous years I have utilised this nice treat with husband.  But this year, I have to forgo as I can't bring baby along.  Sigh.  
Anyway, I checked their website and found only 1 movie that I want to watch, which is upcoming.  It's "Alice in Wonderland".  However, I doubt that it will be mark * as usually movies that are already out for long or movies that are going to be taken out are marked.
2. Sunway PALS I only use this card for parking.  It's like Touch n Go.  As for the rewards, it's not that attractive.  The points are too expensive.
But for birthday, they are offering Buy 1 F…